The Warehouse Staff

Ian Yorks - Warehouse
Ext. 217
Ian Yorks is an all-around guy here at Seagroatt Riccardi. Not only does he oversee our Receiving and Informational Technology departments, he does some of the fresh buying as well. Ian is one of those (although incomprehensible to some of us) people who loves numbers. This knack for numbers and keeping exemplary inventory statistics suits him just fine. He has been hard at work implementing new technology and scan guns to improve efficiency, and to ensure that Seagroatt Riccardi continues to be an innovator in our industry. One of the most charming things about Ian is his personal motto; “Always remember to take time to appreciate the small things in life. Life is too short to spend it unhappy.” Ian’s favorite “small thing” is his daughter, Bella. How wonderful for our Seagroatt Riccardi family to have a young man around to remind us to, “Along the way, take time to smell the roses.” And, he buys them too!
Nick Burek - Receiver
Veronica Jones When is the last time you visited Will Call? If you’ve met Veronica, you have had the pleasure of meeting a woman who loves her job and customers! Not only an extremely capable picker, packer, shipper, receiver, greeter and invoicer, ok - she does it all, Veronica is also a fantastic baker! If you are lucky enough, you’ll stop in on a day she has made peanut butter brownie treats for all. Perhaps though, her favorite “job” is being a grandmother to her precious grandson, Landon! We are very lucky to have someone who can do it all as part of the Seagroatt Riccardi family.
Sean Doemel - Warehouse
Sean Doemel is described as “steady as a rock” by his colleagues! He knows where everything is in the warehouse and can pick and pack in record time without missing a beat or making a mistake. He is our “we need this out in 20 minutes” go-to guy. Sean prefers to stay busy all day - taking an inventory in the cooler, putting away a shipment or receiving the next incoming truck; he is constantly on the move and serves as a role model for newer staff with his determination and work ethic. He is truly an integral part of the organization. We are proud to boast that Sean was selected as our 2016 Employee of the Year as well!
Bill McCann - Warehouse
Bill McCann moved from picking and packing to supervising or as we like to think of it “coordinating”. Bill’s long commute from Middleburg to Latham is testament to his affection for SR and for his workmates. His even temperament, calm demeanor, and knowledge of all things warehouse makes him a tremendous resource and brings great benefit to not only his coworkers, but customers as well. Bill is also our go-to guy for all things handy. He is the first one called upon when something needs fixing in this 30,000 sf facility. We are so grateful for Bill and all the talents he brings to our Seagroatt Riccardi family.
Carl Lindberg - Warehouse
Carl Lindberg does everything! He picks, he packs, he receives, he’ll even drive - but best for us and you, he has taken charge of the supply warehouse and keeps it in the same order Martha Stewart keeps her kitchen! Last but certainly not least, he juggles all these responsibilities a smile on his face. Carl also is our resident CNN anchor person. If it has happened somewhere in the world Carl knows all about it, when it happened, where it happened and how it happened… he also knows when the flowers were received, when the boxes were loaded, and where the truck is! If you happen to catch him in the warehouse you can talk not only flowers, but just about almost anything sports related as well!
Justin Lasky - Warehouse
Justin Lasky oversees our Delivery and Operations departments. Having started as a driver himself, Justin knows the roads of the northeast inside and out, and knows the most efficient way to get your delivery to you on time. He also knows how to get your order picked, packed, and on the right truck in the right spot. A dedicated Seagroatt Riccardi teammate, if you have an emergency or a special request he’s been known to jump back into a truck himself to help make a customer’s request possible. If something happened “behind the scenes” to make an order possible, odds are that Justin was involved. Speaking of odds, if he’s not at work or spending quality time with his daughters, you’re likely to find Justin at a card table as he is an avid player.