The Sales Staff

Brian Barnaby - Sales
Ext. 207
Brian Barnaby is pounding the pavement, leading the charge of bringing a little Seagroatt Riccardi into every floral shop in the 6 states we service. He is considered a workhorse here at Seagroatt Riccardi; there’s nothing this multiple Employee of the Year recipient wouldn’t do for his family, customers, and colleagues alike. When asked, Brian would say “I’d rather be helpful than talked about.” That quote epitomizes Brian’s modest and humble attitude. People like Brian are what SR is all about; dedicated, knowledgeable, considerate and dependable. We are so fortunate to have Brian on our team, and so are you.
Kelley Gilbert - Sales
Ext. 211
Kelley Gilbert does it all. She manages numerous accounts and her husband and three young children as well. At any given moment Kelley can tell you where the Green Tea roses you special ordered are or what the offerings will be in next week’s email. She works to bring designers into the Capital District for professional development workshops and serves on the local Teleflora board. It is hard to describe all Kelley brings to the Seagroatt Riccardi family. Without her we’d be a little less organized, a little less creative, we’d have many more questions and we’d be having a little less fun.
Mike Francolini - Sales
Ext. 210
Mike Francolini, a veteran of the Seagroatt Riccardi sales team is the elf behind your Christmas greenery. When he is not searching for greens, he’s walking the cooler checking on quality and quantity for your everyday orders or special ordering what you need for the perfect wedding. Outside of time devoted to his customers at SR you will find Michael gardening or golfing. Rumor has it he has combined both loves by carefully manicuring a putting green in his front yard!
Gerry Gutto - Sales
Ext. 205
Gerry Gutto is the freshman of the Seagroatt Riccardi Sales team. He brings with him over 30 years of floral experience in and around the Capital District. His Barry White like voice is constant sources of wonder as we all listen to him speak with his customers. And speaking of his customers, they are the reason he is in this business. He respects them, he values them and looks forward every day to working with them-no order is too big or small for Gerry to give 100% to. On a warm, sunny day if you look outside you’ll see Gerry come zipping into work on his motorcycle.
Dan Stanton - Sales
Ext. 248
Dan Stanton brings a long history in the floral industry to Seagroatt Riccardi. Dan's parents owned a retail flower shop so he truly knows the business from inside out, from the perspective of not only a wholesaler, but a retailer as well. When Dan isn’t at his desk or in the warehouse personally picking a customer's order, he's devoted to the study of history and topography. What seems like an odd combination, Dan will tell you much of history is influenced by the surrounding terrain, from fertile South American valleys which lend themselves to agriculture to the rich oil fields of the Middle East, two examples of topography influencing history and culture. Dan also possesses extraordinary artistic and creative talents. Many of the displays we use both in-house and at floral expositions are created and executed by Dan. He is an all-around terrific person, with a wonderful sense of humor. He is a delight to have as part of the Seagroatt Riccardi family!
Mary Guzior - Sales
Ext. 224
Mary Guzior is a team member who comes from the world of retail and manages our sales team. She buys much of the product we sell as well. Supportive of both her colleagues and customers, she never fails to give less than 100%. Mary strives for perfection in all she does and it shows from the exquisite product she buys to meticulous follow through with her customers. On almost any given night you might find Mary practicing ballroom dancing. Yes, she is an award winning amateur competitor!
Cindy Gutto - Sales
Ext. 215
Cindy Gutto is our latest and greatest. She joined us to lead the charge in the supply department. Cindy has worked in the wholesale floral/supply industry all her professional life. She knows intuitively what customers need and where to get it. She can think months out and in the spur of the moment. Over the years she has built solid relationships with vendors and customers as well. If you catch up with Cindy on the weekend, she’ll either be playing with her adorable grandchildren or bargain shopping. Not only do we depend on her for her supply expertise and advice, but where to bargain shop for ourselves as well! We feel so lucky to have added her to the Seagroatt Riccardi family.
Jessica Virtue - Greenhouse
Ext. 229
Jessica Virtue first came to Seagroatt Riccardi to grace our Greenhouse with her gentle ways. She has since moved to lend a hand on the sales floor where she handles each and every customer in the same gentle manner she originally reserved for Greenhouse plants. She has jumped feet first into sales and her knowledge of fresh is remarkable. Her familiarity with everything SR offers is outstanding. Because of her experience in the Greenhouse, she can help with all things green and has added fresh product and hardgoods to her repertoire. She’ll explain all the different potted begonias as well as fresh Hybrid and Asiatic Lilies. Jess’ low-key, yet confident nature cheers and inspires all who come in contact with her. On the weekend you will find Jessica spending time with her two loves: her family and shopping.